Home and remembering…

So those last couple of days in Japan were full of learning, fun and photos and, unfortunately, I started using more of the features on my camera and so my photo files became larger.  This was a problem because most of the really good ones that I wanted to use for blog posts were too … Read more

So many things to recall

View from the Shinkansen as we move onto Shikoku Island.

We finally made it to a more reliable internet connection tonight.  Here we are in Matsuyama on Shikoku Island at the Matsuyama Shinsenen  Youth Hostel.           It was a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) travel day after we got an excellent lesson and lecture from one of our teachers that came to Miyawaki … Read more

Sweet treats

   There’s always a good time for sweet treats. Now it is lunchtime at the Shonihari conference (Pediatric Acupuncture). We went to the convenience store to get our bagged lunch for the day.  So my sweet treat of the day was this sweet bun filled with aduki bean and whipped creamy yumminess!       And … Read more

On our way…

All big journeys come with some amount of stress. So whereas the first trip involved a last minute passport replacement, this one took a little finagling to fix a last name first name switcheroo. All is well and Nancy and I are at our gate in L.A. awaiting our boarding time for our flight to … Read more