2011 A day off (not an evening though)

2011 A day off (not an evening though)

So today we got started at our usual time of 7:00 am and headed out to wake up with coffee and pastries from the ‘italian’ coffee shop at the train station next to the hotel.  The Japanese do seem to enjoy their Italian fare.  Strange how things work.  Then we parted ways with Kuwahara sensei who was off to be interviewed by an acupuncture magazine here in the city.  The rest of us began our search for second breakfast (you know, some real food!) and then to wander the streets and alleys of Osaka to see what we could see.

We first wandered up one small street that shot uphill from the main thoroughfare to end at a beautiful little temple and sanctuary complete with koi pond and all.

After a rest in the sanctuary, refreshed and at the ready we head for one of those great indoor/outdoor markets that you can only find in places outside of the U.S.

The indoor/outdoor market

Pottery, fresh produce, restaurant supplies, fresh seafood and meat, tempura stands – which one do you like?  the pumpkin? the fish cake? the eel? the eggplant? the squid?  I’ll just wrap that in a piece of green paper so you can keep your hands grease free while you eat it.  Walk through the market some more and find the lady fileting the blowfish that was just swimming in that tank a moment ago.

Fresh wasabi horseradish root

A little farther and you find the fresh produce stall with fresh wasabi root and ginger that looks so moist and tender that you almost want to bit right into it!

Onward to the sweet treats stall with 20 different kinds of little sweet filled buns of sticky rice.

the tofu stall





Then there is my boyfriend’s favorite – the tofu stall.  One side is all deep fried varieties and one side (not pictured) is all the fresh stuff.


Next we made our way into this crazy modern mall that was 9 stories tall with every thing from Gucci and Louis Vuitton to the world of Asia market where representatives of the crafts of local artisans from 6 or 8 of Asia’s countries all dress up in their traditional garb and display their wares.


The only photo I took in there was of the umbrella locker – truly!  They have an umbrella locker there for you to store your umbrella while you shop.

The umbrella locker


Now – back at the hotel and ready for a nap but it is time to get up and going once again.  Off to Tatsumura sensei’s clinic to practice some kind of yoga and then have an okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza) party.

Should be fun.  Need another nap about now but off we go!