So many things to recall

So many things to recall

We finally made it to a more reliable internet connection tonight.  Here we are in Matsuyama on Shikoku Island at the Matsuyama Shinsenen  Youth Hostel.

The entrance to the Matsuyama Youth Hostel
So happy to arrive at the Matsuyama Youth Hostel. The ‘weary’ travelers.






It was a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) travel day after we got an excellent lesson and lecture from one of our teachers that came to Miyawaki sensei’s clinic to share with us.

IMG_5560 IMG_5543 IMG_5534 IMG_5527

Kuzuno sensei offered us some excellent new insights on Eight Extraordinary Vessel and Shigo diagnosis and treatment.

IMG_5507 IMG_5512 IMG_5518 IMG_5525 IMG_5526

A lot of new ideas are tumbling around in my head about how to work with this new information. Integrating it into my current treatment regime.  I think it will add another level of acuity to diagnosis and, even, to the effectiveness of all treatment.  I am quite inspired, once again.

Yesterday was a day of seminars.  We attended the Shonihari (Pediatric Acupuncture) Conference and Got to see Kuwahara sensei give 2 lectures and one ‘Premium’ demonstration session.  Suzuki sensei was also lecturing and did demonstration during the day.  It was a good study day with another round of eating and drinking at the end in the conference room to celebrate.


A triptych of Kwahara Sensei In full Lecture Mode – Part 1
A triptych of Kwahara Sensei In full Lecture Mode – Part 2
A triptych of Kwahara Sensei In full Lecture Mode – Part 3
Suzuki senesi gives Balance Method demonstration.
Tanioka Sensei surrounded by the girls.
Tanioka Sensei thanking Kuwahara sensei for a great lecture.
From left to right – front row – Tanioka sensei, Megumi sensei, Kuwahara sensei, Suzuki sensei, Nonoue sensei



The reception after the conference. More food!
Then, just when you thought you couldn’t eat anymore – there was more food – after the reception, after the conference.